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How to check ads for SSL-compatibility?

Written by Roy
May 18, 2022 • 3 min read

If you're working in AdOps, it's probably one of the tests first on your list: SSL compatibility. How do you make sure your advertisements are making *all* requests over https?

It's easier said than done. Simply looking at the tag and verifying if all URLs start with https:// won't suffice. Down the chain of HTTP requests, some script could still make insecure requests.

Creatives that aren't SSL-compliant will throw an error in Chrome's console log. You can load the tag on a test page, and check the console log for errors. Google Ad Manager has a great article about this. It's a time-consuming and tedious task however.

Let's use an API to detect SSL issues

Wouldn't it be great to automate the whole process? Use the APIs from to automatically scan ad tags for SSL-compliancy. Just like Google Ad Manager, you can detect potential SSL issues before your creatives go live.

Here's how to do that using PHP.

First, download this PHP class from Github:

Then, run these lines of code:

$AdValify = new AdValify();
$array = $AdValify->scanTag("This is an ad tag...");
$ssl_compatible = $array['ssl_compatible']; //boolean

Once you have that boolean variable, you can use it further down in your logic. For example, flagging the creative in your database, or preventing it from being activated. Check out the complete API Documentation for a list of all data points collected by the scanner.

Integrate AdValify's APIs into your product

APIs are fast, scalable and allows you to automate the whole creative quality assurance process. You can litterally scan thousands of ads and detect if they display fine on HTTPS pages, before getting calls of angry clients.

Here's how AdGlare (an ad server for publishers) uses the APIs of to detect SSL issues of newly added creatives.


Are you a publisher or working in AdOps? Speak with your ad server vendor to implement the APIs into their product too. You can find the complete API documentation here.

Scan ads online to detect SSL compatibility

No time to set up the API? Use this free online ad tag tester to scan ads. It will give you lots of information, like CPU usage, cookies dropped, load size and SSL-compliancy. Great time-saver!

Free Ad Tag Tester Online


SSL compatibility detection of creatives and ad tags can be time-consuming. Online scanners make your life a bit easier by analyzing the ad in seconds. If you want to take it a step further, APIs are a powerful tool to automate and scale SSL compliancy of ads.

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