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Ad Validation Made Easy

STOP spending hours on
manual ad validation

Scan ads in seconds to see if they are FAST and ERROR-FREE

Does your company require ads to be FAST and SAFE?

AdValify let's you define your own ad specifications. Scan ads to see if they pass/fail.

Join publishers, designers and agencies saving tons of time using AdValify
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VAST Ad Tag Validator Inspector

Scan any type of creative

HTML5 Zips, Ad Tags, Video, VAST or banners. Just drag & drop and get a detailed report.

Analyze more than 25 data points in a couple of seconds — much faster than you could ever have done manually.

VAST Ad Tag Validator Inspector
Dylan Coetzee
Digital Marketing Director, OmniaMed Communications

Customizable Ad Specifications

Not every publisher adheres to the IAB guidelines. Customize when a test should pass or fail.

For example, when a creative is > 300KB or the load time is >1 second. Create different ad specs if you have multiple media channels.

Ad validation custom ad specification

Who's using AdValify?

HTML5 Designers

Deliver your HTML5 ads to your clients with a detailed QA report in PDF format. Show that your ads are fast and error-free.

Large Publishers

Make sure third-party ads comply with your set of ad specifications before you accept them. Fully customizable and automated.

Agencies & Ad Servers

Integrate the API into your product and automatically scan creatives to check for QA issues before they go live. Saves support tickets!
Create QA PDF Reports

Todo-list to keep you organized

Did you have to reject a campaign due to assets not complying with your ad specs?

Add a todo-list to the creative with issues that have to be solved before it can go live. Collaborate with your team members.

Create QA PDF Reports
Stefan von Gartzen
Senior Adtech Specialist, Motor Presse Stuttgart

Discuss QA issues in one single place

Discuss issues with team members in one place. No more troubleshooting screenshots by email!

Let a responsible team member approve the ad before it goes live.

Advalidation REST API Automation

High-volume API

Do you have hundreds of creatives to scan every day? Send ads to the API and get a detailed QA report in JSON format.

Great if your company uses proprietary ad server software. Simply reject creatives from being served if they don't comply with your ad specs.

Advalidation REST API Automation

Try AdValify with your team

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