Ad Tag Tester

Check CPU usage, initial load, dimensions, SSL and much more!

Detects 25+ data points within 30 seconds. API available.
The best part? You can define your own pass/fail rules.

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Try it yourself! What would you like to detect?

Giovanni Sollazzo
Founder & Chairman, AIDEM Technologies
Dylan Coetzee
Digital Marketing Director, OmniaMed Communications
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Ad Tag Tester and Validator

Test a tag in a few seconds!

This ad tag tester validates more than 25+ data points in a couple of seconds — much faster than you could ever have done manually.

Just copy/paste the tag and get a detailed quality assurance report. CPU usage, initial load, dimensions, landing pages and more.

Ad Tag Tester and Validator

Customizable Ad Specifications

Create customized ad specifications for each placement or ad type. Let ad quality scans pass/fail accordingly.

For example, when a creative is > 300KB or the load time is >1 second. Create different ad specs if you have multiple media channels.

Ad validation custom ad specification
Advalidation REST API Automation

Scan ads via the API

Leverage automation and scan millions of ads using the API. Get a detailed QA report in JSON format for your ad ops team.

Flag creatives that don't comply with your ad specs in your own system. Let Ad Ops double-check on failed scans only.

Advalidation REST API Automation