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How long does the trial last?

Your trial ends after 20 scan days. A scan day is defined as a day on which you have made one or more scans. There's no time limit, so your free trial can potentially last months if you scan only a couple of times a week.


Which types of ads can be validated?

Ad tags, HTML5 Zip creatives, VAST tags and Video ads. If you need support for different ad formats, feel free to reach out.


Can I customize when a test should pass or fail?

Absolutely. By default, the ad specification is based on the IAB guidelines. You're free to customize each test and set your own thresholds (or disable it). See the Settings page in the app.


What about an API to automate the ad validation process?

The ad validation scanners in the platform are actually built on an API, which is available to you too. API access is included on the Automate plan. See the API docs or the PHP Class on Github.


How do I fix detected QA issues?

Some issues can be auto-fixed with a click of a button, depending on the ad format. For example, the initial load can be automatically reduced until under the threshold, and for video you can automatically adjust the audio loudness (LUFS). For other issues, click on the test and you'll get more information on how to solve it.


Can I add manual tests to the checklist?

Yes, each scan has its own customizable checklist. You can add custom tests to this todo-list, so you keep everything organized. When your checklist is all ticked off, the creative is ready for launch.


Can I automatically monitor ads?

Yes, enable the Daily Monitor feature of a campaign and all creatives will be scanned each morning. You'll be notified in your portal and by email when new issues are detected while the campaign is being served. Daily Monitoring is available on the Enterprise plan.


Is AdValify an alternative to The Media Trust?

Whereas TMT scans ads to see if they contain harmful content, AdValify validates ads based on your technical ad specification. It's thus not an alternative to The Media Trust.


How many team member accounts can I create?

Unlimited, on all plans. Get your whole team on board to share and discuss QA test results. To invite team members, see the page Settings => Company => Team Members.


Can I validate multiple ads in batch?

Yes, with the API you can scan hundreds of ads in a loop, and get the results in JSON format for each of them. Great to automate the whole ad validation process in your company.


How do I pay for this product?

By a recurring credit card payment. All major cards are supported. Payments are handled by Stripe. You can download invoices in PDF format via your portal. If you're from the European Union, you can add your VAT number which will be printed on your invoices.


What's your cancellation policy?

There are no contracts or long term commitments. You pay on a monthly basis. You can cancel your license anytime before your monthly due date, and no further charges on your card will be made. A copy of your database will be kept for up to 30 days in case you wish to restore access.

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