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Error Handling

Conventional HTTP response codes are used to indicate if a request failed or was successful. Codes in the 2xx range indicate success. Codes in the 4xx range indicate that the request failed. In that case, the JSON response will hold an error code and human-readable error message.
string, solvable
The X-ApiKey header was not added or the key was incorrect. Contact support if you need help.
string, solvable
An incorrect endpoint URL was used. Check for typos and make sure to use the endpoints from this documentation.
string, solvable
The payload contained missing parameters or had an incorrect format. See the error message for details.
string, solvable
Your monthly quota limit has been reached. Get in touch if you need a higher quota.
string, not solvable
The worker nodes weren't able to process your request. Please contact support to see if the issue can be fixed.
Example of an error
    "error_type": "payload_error",
    "message": "There was an error."