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Written by Roy
May 18, 2022 • 8 min read

You've tried but it doesn't meet your needs. You're not alone. Perhaps you're looking for a better, simpler and more extensive alternative to lets you preview ad tags easily. While it's a great free service, it doesn't perform ad validation checks on the ads. Think about Initial load, CPU/RAM usage, third party cookies, SSL issues and so on.

Below I'm showing you a great alternative to that will help you to create a quality assurance report for ad tags, HTML5 creatives, VAST and video. is an alternative to is an alternative to It doesn't only preview the creative, but it also peforms QA tests on the ad. It even contains built-in tools to make the ad validation process easier than ever. Here's a screenshot of the app of AdValify:

Test-a-tag alternative:

Customizable Ad Specifications

By default, IAB guidelines are used to determine if a test should pass or fail. Each publisher may have its own ad specification, and consequently you may want to customize these thresholds. Here's how you can do this in AdValify. alternative: customizable ad specifications at

Auto-fix common issues

Have you ever had to return to the advertiser asking to fix some QA issues? No more. With AdValify you can auto-fix common issues like initial load, subload and max file sizes. alternative: automatically fix QA issues at

Discuss QA issues with your colleagues

Large publishers usually have a hierarchy where someone from ad ops receives and validates the creatives. Before campaign launch, a manager has to approve the ad when it meets all technical requirements. AdValify allows you to discuss QA issues with team members before going live: alternative: discussions at

Automate using the API (JSON responses)

If you have to scan hundreds of ads per day, it may be time to scan ads automatically using the API. Ask your developers to integrate the API of AdValify into your product or software, so you can scan ads the moment they come in. Simply disapprove ads that don't meet your technical ad specification.

Test-a-tag alternative: JSON API at

To give you an idea: here's one of AdValify's customers who successfully integrated the API into their product to automatically scan incoming creatives. It shows their team a quick report in seconds to see if the ad meets their technical requirements.

Robert Konior
Software Developer, Agora

Conclusion allows you to preview ad tags in your own browser easily. may be a great alternative to Test-a-tag if you're looking for more comprehensive QA testing and customizable ad validation rules.

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